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Many years ago my health began to deteriorate, I got sick easily and all I knew about was orthodox medicine. One day my body and mind could not cope with my way of life, and the decompensation came in the form of both physical and mental symptoms, the list would be too long for this paragraph.


Conventional medicine helped me in a limited way, so I looked for natural medicine, but what doctors and naturopaths could do to help me was also limited. Here is where I decided to empower myself and began to study with God's guidance. 


It was evident that everything was providential, and that I was destined to learn through my own path so that I could help others. At first the learning was empirical, then practical and official.


Classrooms were crucial as well as live training. However, my main school has always been my own path, my own healing process, which has led me to learn things that are not taught in schools or universities. and that can only be learned at the University of Life.


With joy I behold nowadays, how my patients are empowered, they take charge of their situation and move forward. They become students, indicted in a model of life and thought, in which physical health is a simple reflection of mental and emotional health.


Bioenergetic Analysis

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From the approach of the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we study the emotional and physical balance of the patient. This way we can accurately determine the naturopathic protocols that are appropriate for each case.


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In a few words...

The patient's mind is the first thing that must be addressed. We explain the person, with scientific and verifiable fundamentals, the emotional and biological reasons that led him to his symptomatology, anything from a flu to a cancer.


Once the patient's mind has emerged from the darkness of ignorance, and has been brought to the light of the understanding of his symptoms, we immediately begin with the therapies and nourish and supplement the person's body, then eventually proceed with cleansing protocols.


Our protocols are custom designed, we study each case as a microcosm which must be approached in a very particular way, keeping in mind that what can be good for one case can be inconvenient for another. With this comprehensive approach and with teamwork, there is no acute nor chronic condition which couldn't have potential for complete healing.



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I am pleased to give my testimonial of my process with Iván Mendieta, a full and experienced therapist who applied with me a total and effective treatment. I went to him with a diabetes diagnosis, fortunately thanks to Iván's guide and therapies I now no longer use pills nor insulin, my sugar levels are fine, I continue with my healthy diet as an important habit and always try to have positive thoughts as Iván always insists.

                                              Gerardo Silva, Quito - Ecuador


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