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The cat, the camel and the bat ... About Corona Virus

To all my patients, family, friends, and whoever may be interested.

I do not seek to convince anyone, I simply wish to share my clinical observation regarding viral processes in my Holistic Medicine practice, in order to transmit a bit of peace, within the current paranoia about the coronavirus.

Let us first question its origins: We are told it started maybe in cats, bats, camels, and then it jumped into humans. A hypothesis that repeated often enough, is accept by us, as a truth. But it remains a hypothesis (

In any case, what is a virus? We come across so many definitions that each one seems to describe a different subject. Perhaps the most acceptable one to me, is the one proposed by the US National Institute for Human Genome Research… “A virus is an infectious agent that is at the limit of what we consider a living organism. It is a particle much smaller than a bacterial cell, and consists of a small DNA or RNA genome surrounded by a protein coat ” (

Interestingly enough, it is a definition of orthodox medicine, and yet quite far from the concept that we have in mind: a "bug" out there rubbing its paws, getting ready to hurt us.

One of the approaches that I use in my naturopathic practice is a set of Biological Laws, called German New Medicine. With this scientific basis I have been able to verify again and again the precise connection between the different organs of the human body, with specific mental conflicts of the person. German New Medicine states that a virus is simply an intracellular process that occurs in rapair phase of the ectodermal tissues of the human body, for example the mucosas. It is not a pathogen that jumped from an animal to the human, and that we then passed to each other.

Since 1994, Stefan Lanka, a German virologist (, has questioned the orthodox concept of viruses, in fact, Lanka offers a large sum of money, for anyone who proves that a virus can be isolated from the human cell (something that can be achieved with bacteria). In any case, if the virus were an independent microorganism, with its own life, and not a simple protein chain of DNA (dioxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid), it would be an agent participating in the tissue reparation phase, in the same way bacteria act, according to GNM’s Biological Programs (

Every flu symptom is always a set of tissue reparations of the human body that are connected to mental conflicts, which the person experienced during the stress phase. For example: managing to finally collect a sum of money, managing to close the year with positive results at the company, etc.

However, these healing phases can also occur collectively. After the last national strike in Ecuador, when everything was back to normal, many of my patients came to my office with repairing symptoms, but they already understood that they were simply healing bodily tissues, after overcoming the stress experienced during the general strike. The only thing we did was helping the person become aware of the overcome conflict, and using natural supplementation to regulate the healing phase.

Let's take a look for a moment at Influenza A (N1H1 and all its variants). Let's start noticing that this collective acute flu occurs within the end of the year in the western world. It is a collective reparation because of the generalized stress at this time of year, whether it is because we have to meet goals in companies, attend family meetings and comply with social protocols, buy the Christmas gifts with the end-of-year bonus, endure for a while to the in-laws, etc

When we begin to overcome this stress we must repair the organic changes that occurred during the active conflict phase. Those who managed and channeled stress will not have to repair tissues.

It happens that those who begin to repair first seem to infect the rest with their symptoms, but they simply began to repair their tissues before the rest, (talking about the camel, the cat and the bat starts to sound a bit absurd).

It is interesting then to notice that the end of the Chinese year (at least in the cultural calendar that encompasses the traditions and idiosyncrasies of that country), happens on our January the 25th, one month later than the Western calendar, precisely respecting the chronology of the last outbreak of the corona virus.

At San José Nursing Home in Conocoto (Ecuador), for the last 12 years (I do not have access to previous information), there has not been one single contagion of Bird Flu, Swine Flu, nor H1N1 Influenza registered. It is perfectly Logical, since, despite being vulnerable and elderly people, their minds live a totally different reality, in which they do not get to know about the existence of such epidemics. It is interesting to note that one of the largest outbreaks of pulmonary tuberculosis in history (fear of death reparation) occured towards the end of World War I (

In 2009, during the Swine Flu, I was in Spain, and was diagnosed with this acute condition. I was ordered to stay in quarantine at Barcelona’s Hospital, ​​(I was sentenced without even having to undergo blood exams). At that time I did not know about Dr. Hamer's discoveries, but my work obligations motivated me to "escape" from the hospital, because the next day I had to be in a small town in France. There, a family doctor examined me and gave me bronchitis diagnosis, prescribed allopathic medicine, and my symptoms went away.

Years later I realized that I had developed bronchitis as a repair phase of my bronchial tubes due to a territorial fear conflict - in German New Medicine's matrix, the bronchi react to territorial fear conflict ( In fact, my cell phone, my money and my passport had been stolen in Barcelona, ​​I was “without a ground” and very far from my country. Once I managed to get a new passport, the next day, I developed bronchitis.

It occurs that what could be a bronchitis or a simple flu, can turn into pneumonia due to the fear of death generated by the panic infused by the medical and political authorities, who ignore the true functioning of human biology.

I have observed how my patients diagnosed with Influenza A have come out of their symptoms only by identifying the conflict they are overcoming and with natural medicine (and in the worst case complementing with the chemical medicine that the patient chooses to take, but symptomatology does not degenerate since there is understanding of the origin of the symptoms and that there is no external attack).

If you have flu-like symptoms, observe what stress phase you are totally or partially overcoming, no one infected you, no one passed it to you, nor will you pass it to someone else, and if there is someone close to you with the same symptoms it is because they are overcoming the same collective conflict with you.

I am convinced that there is nothing out there, lurking, ready to attack us and spoil our existence, the verification in my naturopathic practice has confirmed this, as well as my own healing path. I think humanity always tends to find someone or something to blame, and not take responsibility for our wrong decisions. In the past we blamed God for our illnesses, then, bacteria, now viral processes, and well, the cat, the camel and the bat. It is us who create our individual and collective reality, creating a rhythm of life totally disconnected from the cycles of nature.

I think this is an opportunity to take full responsibility of our present situation created by our past decisions. We must get out of the victimhood of believing that we are being attacked by microorganisms, that the only thing they are doing is helping us to repair our tissues. It's like blaming firefighters for the fire. We are living the adult version of when we used to bump into a chair when we were kids, and we were taught to say: "bad, bad chair".

If you have to go through a repairation phase (symptomatology), I am not saying that nothing needs to be done, the repair phase must be regulated so that it is coped by the patient, since it is an inflammatory phase, which includes edema, and in many cases fever. For this, we must use all possible means, both natural and orthodox. The important thing is to become aware of the problem or stress phase that is being overcome, in order to be calm and, understanding that it is a natural biological process of tissue restoration.

I am not discrediting orthodox medicine; in fact, I think that it is very important and vital for public health, especially in acute conditions and in emergencies. Holistic and Orthodox Medicine must come together to create synergy in favor of humanity. It is true that vaccines (highly toxic cocktails) seem to stop epidemics, but it is not because they kill a virus, but rather that they give the population a feeling of protection from the "invader", therefore the fear of the disease disappears and the last healing phases take place . I think that in the future, when this information is massively known, a collective healing phase will be quick, with no major casualties, and without it degenerating into epidemics or pandemics.

I could be mistaken, I cannot say I own the absolute truth. I insist, it is not my intention to convince anyone, on the contrary, do not believe anything I have said. I only invite you to research, question, and test yourself, the verifiable concepts I am revealing to you.


TAKE FULL CONSCIOUSNESS OF YOUR SYMPTOMS (this relieves symptoms, and makes them recede quicker):

Sore Throat, inflamated tonsils, middle ear infection, runny nose with phlegm: Healing phase for having already closed, or to be about to close an issue that had you in conflict. Example: I managed to comply with the objectives that I set a my new job. Example: we are about to sell the land, now there is only the signatures left.

Watery, transparent runny nose: Healing phase after having gone through a situation that caused us anger (“this stinks”). Example: meetings at the end of the year. I no longer have to see my in-laws. The nasal mucosa also responds to the conflict of not knowing what will happen about an uncertain situation. Example: At last it was already known who they are going to fire at the company, and it wasn't me.

Cough / Laryngitis / Bronchitis: Healing phase of the larynx or bronchi for having overcome a territorial fear (the territory is all we consider ours). Example: I was afraid my daughter would get divorced, but I already accepted it. Example: I was 6 months out of a job and finally got a new job.

Muscle pain and general discomfort: Healing phase for overcoming a conflict that made us feel helpless and frustrated for feeling that we could not do much in order to solve it. Example: a family member got sick and I know I could help him, but he doesn't listen to me, and I already accepted that I can't control his decisions.

Fever: When there are many tissues that must be repaired, the symptoms may include fever.

• If it is a child who presents symptoms, it is important that the parents remain calm and identify the conflicts they are overcoming, since the child is simply an energetic extension, especially of the mother.


• Ginger decoction with lime: a handful of ginger root, boiled for 15 minutes in a liter of water. Add 1 lime to the decoction. Adults: drink 3 cups daily. Children from 2 years old: 1 tablespoon three times a day (you can add a bit of cane sugar).

• Bee Propolis Tincture with lime: Adults: 30 drops 3 times a day with 30 drops of lime juice in half a glass of water. Children from 2 years old: 4 drops with 4 drops of lime 3 times a day in a teaspoon with a little water (you can add a bit of cane sugar). If the symptoms are not generalized, just gargle with this mixture.

• In case of fever, apply Vinegar Boots to children and adults: prepare a lukewarm mixture with half white vinegar and half pure water. Soak a pair of thick socks in the lukewarm mixture and have the patient wear them until they heat up or cool down, change constantly, keeping the mixture lukewarm. You can apply cloths soaked in the mixture on the patient's forehead and belly. If the fever does not subside, have the patient take a long bath of lukewarm water.

• Colon Cleanse (enema): In a rubber water bag, place a liter of chamomile, verbena or geranium infusion, lukewarm. Using the hose and cannula (with petroleum jelly), insert the cannula rectally in a position that favors the force of gravity. Maintain the liquid inside the Large Intestine for 10 minutes, making docile massages. Evacuate. Colon cleanse is effective for influenza symptoms since in Bioenergetic Medicine, the lungs and colon both belong to the respiratory system, and by cleaning the colon, the respiratory system benefits radically.

• Eat healthy, respecting your schedules, you can take vitamin supplements and 1 gram of vitamin C a day. Stay hydrated.


• Even though you might already live by German New Medicine’s guidelines, and you have clearly identified the conflicts that you are overcoming, stay home so that the rest of your neighbors remain calm. This will not add more fear of the disease and will not prolong the cycle of tissue reparations. However, if you have to go out, go out in peace, remembering all your knowledge.

• It never hurts to follow the hygiene instructions recommended by the health authorities.

• Avoid flooding yourself with information on networks, and on television. Stay informed, but only about what you really need to know. Keep your emotional and spiritual vibration high.

Let me finally share some links, so you can begin to learn a little more about this scientific paradigm that has helped me so much in my healing process, and in that of my patients:

Ilsedora Laker’s website (Dr. Hamer’s right hand in America)

Francois Leduc and Loulour Bedard’s website

Caroline Markolin’s GNM Videos

GNM’s history and documentary

“Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists, herein lies the peace of God” (Acim)

Kind regards,

Iván Mendieta


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